About Gramat

The company “Gramat” is the leader in the field of innovative solutions in equipping educational institutions in the North-West of Russia. The enterprise is engaged in the complex equipping of schools, kindergartens, universities and other state and commercial educational institutions, and also supplies equipment for sports organizations, medical institutions, state structures.

"Gramat" cooperates with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of innovative equipment, and also has its own research and production center and furniture production.


Complex equipping of institutions

“Gramat” offers comprehensive solutions in the field of equipping state institutions and commercial enterprises working in the field of education and other fields. We carry out individual selection of equipment elements, design and development of individual and specialized solutions, delivery, installation and commissioning in situ, as well as the development of unique IT solutions on request.

Custom manufacturing of the furniture

The company has its own furniture production and makes to order any office and school furniture, ranging from tables and chairs and finishing with special furniture for storing documentation. We use modern ecological materials and use new technologies in production. The products comply with state standards and have the necessary certificates.

Development and delivery of interactive equipment

The Scientific and Technical and Research Center "Gramat" develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative interactive equipment for institutions and organizations. We produce and supply interactive whiteboards, which are widely used today not only in the educational environment, but in all spheres of business. 

Service and consulting services

Specialists of the company “Gramat” hold close consultations for customers on the selection of equipment and the necessary package contents, assist in the development of technical tasks for auctions, and also advise customers on logistics and hardware.


Customer guidance

Specialists of the company "Gramat" are real experts in the field of equipping educational and administrative institutions. We carry out extensive consultations on the selection of the necessary equipment and the delivery package, taking into account the requirements of GOSTs and standards.  Our consultants will help you look about the positions of the catalogue and choose exactly the equipment that will meet all the necessary technical requirements and your wishes.

Development of non-standard solutions for classrooms

The company “Gramat” provides a full range of services for equipping studies and classrooms. The premises are equipped with educational and methodological kits, visual aids, laboratory and demonstration equipment, interactive teaching aids, as well as all the necessary furniture.  We are ready to develop for you unique non-standard solutions taking into account the specific features of the premises.


We offer a comprehensive supply of high-tech equipment throughout Russia, as well as outside the country.  Delivery is carried out by the transport company, the cost for each order is calculated individually. For details, please contact the managers of "Gramat". 

Mounting, installation, adjustment of equipment

Specialists of the company “Gramat” carry out professional mounting, installation and adjustment of equipment on site at the customer's premises. We produce the full range of work "turnkey" required to commission equipment and software.  Before the object is handed over to the customer, a complete check of the operability of all systems is carried out.

Furniture assembly

The company “Gramat” has its own furniture production and makes to order any furniture, from office tables, desks and chairs and ending with filing cabinets. Furniture is delivered to the customer in disassembled form and is assembled on site by our masters who work professionally, quickly and efficiently.

Training in work with equipment

After installing and configuring new equipment, Gramat specialists realize free training for employees who will need to work with this equipment. As a result of the training, the personnel will be able to use the installed equipment independently and efficiently, as well as carry out routine maintenance.

Service maintenance of office equipment

The company "Gramat" provides service maintenance of office equipment and computers in schools, offices, enterprises.  Our specialists regularly conduct routine diagnostics and prevention of all installed computer equipment, if necessary, repair equipment that is out of order, as well as provide replacement of components.

Warranty and post-warranty service

One of the main factors contributing the efficiency of the equipment during its operation period is scheduled maintenance and prompt troubleshooting. We provide warranty and post-warranty service of all installed equipment, we provide warranty documents from manufacturers, we give guarantees for mounting and installation work.

Installation of fire fighting equipment

The company "Gramat" offers services on installation of quality fire-fighting equipment "on a turn-key basis". The work includes preparation of the project, selection of necessary fire protection means taking into account the features of the premises, delivery of equipment and installation on site. The installation is made by certified specialists with extensive experience. 

Installation of security and tracking systems

The company "Gramat" provides a full range of services for the installation of video surveillance systems and access control systems. A modern video surveillance system is not limited to security cameras, but it is a whole complex of hardware and software. We will help you to find the necessary equipment within your budget.

Installation of server hardware

The company's specialists provide a wide range of IT services, including installation of server equipment. Qualification of our employees is confirmed by certificates of the leading manufacturers of equipment and software. You can order the configuration of a file server, mail server, DBMS or server for 1C accounting, as well as any other server hardware.

Organization of wireless/local area network

The company "Gramat" is engaged in the maintenance and support of computer systems in a variety of ways, including the organization and configuration of wireless local area networks (WLAN). Specialists of "Gramat" carry out network design, selection of all necessary equipment, its installation and adjustment on the site.

Help in organizing an auction

We bring to your attention the services for the development of technical tasks and the preparation of the necessary documentation for holding of auctions. Our company employs experienced specialists who have completed training courses on procurement (44-FZ and 223-FZ) and are following constant changes in legislation.

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